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GRAZE-ON Pellets are made from a unique blend of grasses, formed into a 6mm diameter nut featuring 16% protein.

Northern Crop Driers Ltd. have been producing grass pellets for use in horse rations and general animal feeds for 30 years.

This GRAZE-ON blend is made up of the following grass types :-

Solid Hybrid Ryegrass, Donard Perennnial Ryegrass, Moy Perennial Ryegrass, Dovey Tall Fescue, Promesse Timothy.

Typical Analysis (as fed):-

Protein: 16%
Oil: 3.5%
Fibre: 25%
Digestible Energy: 10-11 MJ/Kg
Approximate Dry Matter: 90%

Ingredients: Milled Grass

GRAZE-ON Pellets are available for delivery by pallet courier. Each pallet contains 50 x 20Kg bags. Buy it
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Feeding guidelines ...

In order to prevent too rapid a consumption, we recommend that grass pellets should be fed with at least an equal volume of a bulky feed. Alternatively, they should be soaked well before feeding.

Light work: 10%-15% of bulk feed may be replaced with grass pellets, ie. 1 to 1.5kg

Medium work: Up to 25% grass pellets, ie. up to 2.25kg

Hard work: Up to 33% grass pellets, ie. up to 3kg

(This is only a guide to feeding and will vary with the size, type and habits of the horse or pony.)