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MEGAZORB is a highly absorbent,dust-free bedding made from virgin wood pulp.
The manufacturing process begins by heating the pulp to temperatures in excess of 500°C to remove all moisture and kill bacteria.
Residual dust is extracted and the finished product is packaged into 85 litre weatherproof bags.

MEGAZORB is bio-degradeable, chemical-free, and is made from the discarded by-product of the wood-pulping industry.
This makes it the preferred bedding of choice for the environmentally-aware horse owner.

MEGAZORB is available all year round, and will significantly reduce the time, effort and cost of mucking out your stables.
The bags are strong, weatherproof, easy to store, and easy to handle. The empties come in handy too !

Some of the benefits of using MEGAZORB ...
  • Super Absorbency - we believe it has the highest absorbency of any bedding on the market.
  • Convenience - you will have far less material to store, handle and then dispose of.
  • Fresher Stable - unpleasant odours are absorbed leading to a fresher, more hygenic stable.
  • Cost Effective - once the bed has been laid, very little extra is required for topping-up.
  • Environmentally Friendly - this is a bio-degradeable, chemical-free product.

MEGAZORB is available for delivery by pallet courier. Each pallet contains 60 x 85 Litre bags. Buy it here ...

How to use MEGAZORB ...

These recommendations are based on feedback from our customers who have been using MEGAZORB regularly for many years.
Please note that these are only guidelines  - every animal (and owner !) is different so you may need to experiment a little to find what works best for you.
  • Start with a completely clean stable
  • Make a bed using around 8 bags of MEGAZORB (Less if using rubber matting)
  • Add an extra bag during the first week.
  • Add around half to one extra bag per week thereafter.
  • Remove solids daily using a shavings fork.
  • Remove very wet patches as required, replacing the wet material with fresh.